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Based On A True Story (Part 3)

Side A
Artist Song
Mutton Birds (Blue Oyster Cult)  Don't Fear The Reaper 
U2 (Rolling Stones)  Paint It Black 
Anita Lane/Barry Adamson (N. Sinatra/Hazelwood)  These Boots Were Made For Walking 
Sinti (Stevie Wonder)  Isn't She Lovely 
Mayuni Chiaki/Pilar Stupin (Bauhaus)  Slice Of Life 
THC (Abba)  Dancing Queen 
Simpson/Hidalgo/Krishnan/Srinivasan (Merl Haggard)  The Running Kind 
Donnette Thayer (Rogers/Hammerstein)  Bali Hai 
Surf Report (Ozzy Osbourne)  Crazy Train 
Stone Temple Pilots (David Bowie)  Andy Warhol 
Jaymz Bee & The Royal Jelly Orchestra (Men Without Hats)  Safety Dance 
Adrian Belew (Beatles)  If I Fell 
Side B
The Church (Simon & Garfunkel)  I Am A Rock 
Judybats (Gary Numan)  Cars 
J Davis Trio (Kate Bush)  There Goes A Tenner 
The Cardigans (Black Sabbath)  Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 
Danny Gatton (Danny Elfman)  The Simpsons Theme 
Carter U.S.M. (Monkees)  Alternate Title 
Musica Ficta (They Might Be Giants)  Dead 
Project Lo (Peter Gabriel)  Mercy Street 
Buckwheat Zydeco (Hank Williams)  Hey Good Lookin' 
Brix E. Smith (Donovan)  Hurdy Gurdy Man 
Synthesonic Sounds (Traditional)  House Of The Rising Sun 
Donna Ho (Herb Alpert)  Tijuana Taxi 


3rd in a series of covers... This particular mix has a lot of strange covers... Hear what Stevie Wonder would sound like if he played gypsy
jazz. How about a surf version of Crazy Train? And Safety Dance as it was never intended to be heard - like an Eastern Indian sitcom theme! Lots of surprises and lots of cool songs....
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