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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

1234 i've got an ego, won't let me go...

Side A
Artist Song
fishbone  i like to hide behind my glasses 
calvin chaos  social retards 
wasted youth  young and bored 
leif garrett  the wanderer 
b-52's  mesopotamia 
showcase showdown  the story of margorie 
hallraker  launchramp 
spearhead  people in tha middle 
underdog  mass movement 
the slackers  married girl 
naked aggression  right now 
panoply acadamy   glossalalia 
lida husik  dancing pants 
zoundz  can't cheat karma 
richard hell  betrayal takes two 
the muffs  where only i could go 
Side B
mahalia jackson  how i got over 
red monkey  chewing gum 
conflict  great what? 
septic tumor  victims 
angel hair  lazy eye 
skavoovie  elegy 
cerverus shoal  yes sir, no sir 
4 walls falling  price of silence 
digable planets  dog it 
the geezers  elected 
samiam  too many buttons 
nothing remains  try to understand 
the gaia  boys 
repulsa  i want you dead 


made for ted. title from the zounds song. just a bunch of crap (well not crap to me :) i felt like listening to.


Date: 11/5/2001
This is incredibly fabulous. RAD.
Date: 11/17/2001
mindy, got the tape in the mail today. it totally and completely rocks! sooooo many good songs here. yay! i'm thinking about sending you another mix for this one, just cuz i feel like the dirty pants one doesn't have a lot of stuff on it that you'd like (tied to its theme and all)....