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rungs in the ladder vol. 1

Side A
Artist Song
duran duran  hungry like the wolf 
new order   blue monday 
depeche mode  behind the wheel 
808 state  cubik 
happy mondays  wrote for luck 
the smiths  girlfriend in a coma 
the cure  killing an arab 
the clash  should i stay or should i go? 
violent femmes  prove my love 
english beat  two swords 
the wonderstuff  it's yer money i'm after baby 
pop will eat itself  wise up! sucker 
sugarcubes  delicious demon 
joy division  isolation 
the jesus and mary chain  sidewalking 
siouxsie and the banshees  peek-a-boo 
front 242  headhunter 
nitzer ebb  control i'm here 
Side B
nine inch nails  down in it 
jane's addiction  ain't no right 
sister's of mercy  dr. jeep 
mudhoney  let it slide 
pixies  planet of sound 
soundgarden  rusty cage 
sonic youth  dirty boots 
dinosaur jr.  little fury things 
nirvana   negative creep 
velvet underground  white light/white heat 
eric's trip  frame 
fugazi  bad mouth 
public enemy   she watch channel zero 
beastie boys  gratitude 
primus  here come the bastards 
kyuss  100' 
tool  hush 
melvins  sweet willy rollbar 
god machine   i've seen the man 


my attempt at an autobiographical tape. this spans grade 7 to my final year of high school. truth be known it all started with corey hart's 'boy in the box'. the following summer my ear was glued to my handheld radio for 'sledgehammer' and 'invisible touch'(obviously not everything was permitted on the tape). duran duran is the starting point cuz it was my love of synth pop that got me headed down the road that we're all on. luckily my baptist upbringing spared me from the likes of twisted sister and motley crue but did not spare me from randy travis and ricky scaggs. it was the keyboard that lead me to nine inch nails' 'pretty hate machine' and their liner note mention of jane's addiction. they played the soundtrack to most of my high school life and opened the door to so many great bands. this is a great trip down memory lane for me and most of these bands would be on some my first mixes that i would unsuccessfully try to get played at house parties instead of steve miller or the tragically hip. anyhow, these are the bands that took me step by step down that great path of musical discovery. thanks for indulging me, i swear i won't do this again for a couple of days...


Geoff Holland12
Date: 11/3/2001
very nice...throw this one in the old time capsule for the kids to look at way down the road!
Date: 11/3/2001
mmm i like this a lot, most notably the smiths and dinosaur jr. tracks. keep it up.
Jakelicious Zartan
Date: 11/5/2001
Geez... Doesn't this take me back. Do you know that nostalgia used to be diagnosed as a mental disorder?? If there were anything to that, they'd have to lock me up after hearing your mix. Good job!!
Earl Brutus
Date: 11/9/2001
great mix, good idea also was think about making a mix that was about music through my life.
db's Suitcase
Date: 12/8/2001
This should be essential listening for all...perfect!