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Christina's party

Artist Song
Theme  Ghostbusters 
Gorillaz  Clint Eastwood(Remix) 
Soul Coughing  Super Bon Bon 
Vengaboys  Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom 
Madonna  Ray Of Light 
Akinyele  Put It In Your Mouth 
NWA  Just Don't Bite It 
NWA  Fuck The Police 
Argent  Hold Your Head Up 
Red Hot Chili Peppers  Under the Bridge 


My friend Christina threw a party. It was in a place they call the Ghostbusters building, cuz it kinda looks like it. Gorillaz>Madonna were played while we were there. Most other stuff was a blur. Akinyele/first NWA are kinda explanatory as to what happened. Then the cops came. For some reason, loading the stereo in Kris's car, Jer & I started singing Hold Your Head Up. Then on the ride home, Under The Bridge was on the radio. Oh what a night.