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thoughts on you

Artist Song
weezer  tired of sex 
incubus  i wish you were here 
ministry  lay lady lay 
nirvana  rape me 
prodigy  smack my bitch up 
garbage  special 
toadies  little sin 
depeche mode  it's no good 
garbage  i think i'm paranoid 
soundgarden  fell on black days 
mindless self indulgence  royally fucked 
orgy  fiend 
filter  trip like i do 
stabbing westward  on your way down 
filter  take a picture 
alice in chains  down in a hole 
orgy  dizzy 


my little i hate my life layout tells a story mix.. hope you like


Date: 11/6/2001
wow. I'm sorry. well, at least you can trace a path through what messed things up. Some people can't even get that far. I hope things turn out better...and keep listening to Toadies...