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Star Trek III: In Vino Veritas

Side A
Artist Song
blast rocks  dead mans curve 
the makers  live or die 
elvis costello  lovers walk 
cream  politician 
radiohead  anyone can play guitar 
the doors  love her madly 
the nightcaps  you lied 
otis redding  shake 
beck  fucking with my head 
blur  jubilee 
some velvet sidewalk  deep see green 
nirvana  blandest 
skin yard  hallow ground 
Side B
the cure  shake dog shake 
dub narcotic sound system  2000 fathoms 
david bowie  im deranged 
modest mouse  a life of artic sounds 
the kingsmen  the waiting 
the white stripes  jolene 
the international noise conspiracy  smash it up 
silverchair  undecided 
the waitresses  pussy strut 


this is the 3rd and final tape of my star trek trillogy. theres a story that is inbetween some of the songs on the tape, its off a crazy childrens star trek record and it scares my friends.


chad lamasa1
Date: 11/7/2001
this is a great mix. you picked one of my top three favorite cure songs. the only thing is i can't figure out the attraction everyone has for modest mouse. i have their first cd but couldn't get into it. i haven't heard blast rock but would like to. maybe we could do a trade sometime.