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she thought she was spinning it was only a dream (the tragedy collection)

Artist Song
the deftones  change (in the house of flies) 
radiohead  talk show host 
poe  angry johnny 
love spit love  how soon is now 
the cure  maybe someday 
dido  here with me 
one inch punch  pretty piece of flesh 
moby  porcelain 
disturbed  stupify 
ah ha  take on me 
angie aparo  alone 
prodigy  firestarter 
the verve pipe  the freshman 
our lady peace  is anybody home 
nine inch nails  hurt 
depeche mode  enjoy the silence 


getting better. sort of. i was really proud of this at the time.


Sam O'Daniel
Date: 11/18/2001
'At the time'? You should be proud of this. From the classic a-ha track to Maybe Someday by the Cure, to the Deftones song, it's all good.
Date: 8/16/2004
i give you big props for using the cure song. I love the cure <3