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a day in the life of me

Artist Song
portishead  mourning air 
belle and sebastian  get me away from here i'm dying 
tori amos  winter 
joydrop  sometimes i wanna die 
chopin  nocturne op. 9, no. 1 
the busy signals  the freeway 
joni mitchell  a case of you 
radiohead  black star 
better than ezra  at the stars 
bikini kill  i like fucking 
rainer maria  thought i was 
the strokes  new york city cops 
pavement  cut your hair 
o.a.r  revolution 
lara and reyes  bahia del pamar 
velvet underground  heroin 



Date: 11/21/2001
that chopin noctourne is stunning.
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 11/22/2001
quite an interesting day...let's see if I've got it...you get up...someone's recently died..you feel dead..it's cold...so cold you wouldn't mind dying as well...you're driving to work and start thinking about someone...then get depressed because they're gone...then you meet someone at random and get lucky!...but they turned out to be a guy? the cops come and arrest you for being an army deserter...you get taken back to the army and get buzzed...your platoon pulls a fast one and takes over command...and then end the day by getting high! SWEET!
Date: 11/22/2001
heh. Sounds like a great day to me.