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May Angels Lead You In.

Side A
Artist Song
Miles Davis  Flamenco Sketches 
Jimmy Eat World  Hear You Me 
Rolling Stones  Paint It Black 
Ben Folds Five  Magic 
Modest Mouse  Dramamine 
Aimee Mann  Jimmy Hoffa Jokes 
Samiam  Mud Hill 
Ani DiFranco  Fire Door 
Eels  Ant Farm 
Pedro The Lion  The Longest Winter 
Ani DiFranco  Angry Anymore 
Jimmy Eat World  Just Watch The Fireworks 
Eels  Grace Kelly Blues 
Side B
Ani DiFranco  Back Back Back 
Get Up Kids  Anne Arbour 
Eels  Last Stop: This Town 
Jimmy Eat World  Sweetness 
Aimee Mann  Wise Up 
Morphine  In Spite Of Me 
Ani DiFranco  Joyful Girl 
Coal  Stay 
Radiohead   Motion Picture Soundtrack(Acoustic) 
Goo Goo Dolls  Acoustic #3 
Ride  Vapour Trail 
Eels  The Medication is Wearing Off 
Bouncing Souls  Gone 
Eels  Mr. E's Beautiful Blues 
The Smiths  Asleep 
Mineral  The Last Word Is Rejoice. 


This is the rough draft of a mix I want to make for my english teacher, who very recently had her mother pass away. It's for a 120-minute tape. Any suggestions/criticism is more than welcome. I know there is a lot of Eels stuff on here, but I don't know how to cut any of it. It just sounds appropriate for a tape meant to help a person feel better about something like that...


Date: 11/22/2001
I was listening to "Hear You Me" just as I came across this :) I think it's a great idea. I think your teacher will love it. And you're very kind for putting this together for her.
Date: 11/23/2001
i do not think any eels should be cut out of this mix. or any mix. i love lots of the songs on here, the ani stuff and eels and asleep by the smiths is one of my favorite songs.
Date: 11/29/2001
i never heard the eels... what's thems all abouts?
Date: 1/2/2002
Any mix with Eels on it is great by me!!