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This Is The Start Of The Breakdown/I Can't Understand You

Side A
Artist Song
Reggie And The Full Effect  Girl, Why'd You Run Away? 
Freedy Johnston  On The Way Out 
A Newfound Glory  Dressed To Kill 
The Afghan Whigs  Crazy 
Frank Sinatra  (Love Is) The Tender Trap 
Far  Mother Mary 
Jawbreaker  Condition Oakland 
Superchunk  Driveway To Driveway 
Rainer Maria  There Will Be No Night 
Low  Over The Ocean 
Death Cab For Cutie  Blacking Out The Friction 
Tears For Fears  Start Of The Breakdown 
Side B
The Wooden Stars  Instruments 
Santa Sabina  Azul Casi Morado 
Concrete Blonde  Les Coeurs Jumeaux 
Daniele Groff  Everyday 
Deep Forest  The First Twilight 
Cafe Tacuba  Maria 
Les Respectables  Hola Decadence 
Maldita Vecindad  Un Poco De Sangre 
Mavis Fan   Bartender Angel 
Brian Eno  1-2 


Just a reflection on the week I've had. I'm in this tumultuous relationship for awhile now, and just lately, it went into limbo. I swear to you, I haven't been thinking straight lately. It got to the where everybody at one point seemed to be talking gibberish. And nothing mattered to me anymore. I realized that I am not giving up on this thing that I have with her. Not without a fight. Wish me luck, guys. Thanks to Joatmon for the anal lube and the butt plug.

P.S. Looking back, I'm very proud of this mix. In the middle of side one, I'm calling for Mother Mary, and on the 'flip-out,' side(at around the same part) I call for Mary as well, in Spanish. Pure genius!


Date: 12/3/2001
Wooden Stars!
Wooden Stars!
Wooden Stars!
Wooden Stars!
Wooden Stars!
Wooden Stars!
i love the Wooden Stars!