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Cassette | Mixed Genre

i'll fake it through the day

Side A
Artist Song
the clash  red angel dragnet  
violent femmes  kiss off  
excuse 17  this is not yr wedding song 
counting crows  perfect blue buildings  
elliott smith  miss misery  
pj harvey  a perfect day elise  
radiohead  karma police  
joan of arc  when the parish school dismisses and the children running sing  
patti smith  pissing in a river  
creeper lagoon  empty ships  
beck  o maria  
cadallaca  pocket games  
blue meanies  nervous breakdown  
transister  flow  
Side B
tori amos  sister janet  
mineral  five, eight, and ten 
wild strawberries  i don't want to think about it  
the mr. t experience  that prozac moment 
jewel  angel standing by  
superchunk  animated airplanes over germany  
the murmurs  sleepless commotion 
smashing pumpkins  today  
team dresch  hate the christian right 
the martinis  free  
nirvana  jesus doesn't want me for a sunbeam (live) 
the smiths  how soon is now?  
fiona apple  sullen girl  
alan silvestri  the "forrest gump" suite