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Walter Becker Donald Fagen: With The Whole Of Time To Gain Or Lose And Power Enough To Choose

Side A
Artist Song
  The Caves of Altamira 
  Android Warehouse 
  Take It Out On Me 
  You Go Where I Go 
  Any World (That I'm Welcome To) 
  Yellow Peril 
  More To Come 
  The Mock Turtle's Song 
  Brain Tap Shuffle 
  Stone Piano 
  Don't Let Me In 
  I Can't Function 
  Red Giant / White Dwarf 
Side B
  Sail The Waterways 
  Everyone's Gone To The Movies 
  East St. Louis Toodle-oo 
  My Old School 
  Only A Fool Would Say That 
  Any Major Dude Will Tell You 
  Fire In The Hole 
  Pretzel Logic 
  Show Biz Kids 
  Turn That Heartbeat Over Again 
  Razor Boy 
  Charlie Freak 
  Reelin' In The Years 


The first of a 3-part series that chronicles the 30-odd year musical partnership of Becker and Fagen -- aka Steely Dan. Side 1 covers their post-collegiate years as starving composers in New York City -- 1968 to 1971. Side 2 covers the beginnings of Steely Dan after they moved to LA, while Steely Dan was still a band, before it became a studio concept -- 1971 to 1974. The emphasis throughout is not on hits or classics, but on the telling or semi-autographical. Roger'd Records. Issued: January 1999.