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CD | Mixed Genre
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Aimee's Mix

Artist Song
Ozzy Osbourne  Aimee 
Eric Burdon and the Animals  House of the Rising Sun 
No Use For A Name  Justified Black Eye 
The Clash  Janie Jones 
BoySetsFire  Unspoken Request 
Bob Marley  No Woman, No Cry 
Nirvana  All Apologies *Album version* 
Eric Clapton  Layla *Unplugged* 
Pearl Jam  Alive 
Diesal Boy  Damaged 
Lou Reed  Walk on the Wild Side 
The Cure  Perfect Girl 
Buck 'o' Nine  Remains the Same 
Rolling Stones  Ruby Tuesday 
Devo  Girl You Want 
Simon and Garfunkle  Sounds of Silence 
Jimi Hendrix  Castles Made of Sand 


Just songs that remind me of my Aimee...I mean, I think it's damn cool that she was named after an Ozzy song afterall, and the mix works well enough to stand on its own anyway.