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Tenuously Constructed Song Cycle: R.E.M. Nibbles On Themselves

Side A
Artist Song
R.E.M.   Last Date (Floyd Cramer) 
Floyd Cramer   The Gambler (Kenny Rogers)  
Kenny Rogers   How Do I Break It to My Heart (Trisha Yearwood) 
Trisha Yearwood   Fools Like Me (Hal Ketchum)  
Hal Ketchum   Five O'Clock World (The Vogues)  
The Vogues   You're the One (Petula Clark)  
Petula Clark   Killing Me Softly With His Song (Roberta Flack)  
Roberta Flack   Something Your Heart Has Been Telling Me (Bette Midler)  
Bette Midler   Boxing (Ben Folds Five)  
Ben Folds Five   She Don't Use Jelly (The Flaming Lips)  
The Flaming Lips   After the Gold Rush (Neil Young)  
Neil Young   The Wayward Wind (Gogi Grant)  
Gogi Grant   I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart (Duke Ellington)  
Side B
Duke Ellington   Blowin' in the Wind (Bob Dylan)  
Bob Dylan   The Boxer (Simon and Garfunkel)  
Simon and Garfunkel   Bye Bye Love (The Everly Brothers)  
The Everly Brothers   Why Worry (Dire Straits)  
Dire Straits   Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton)  
Eric Clapton   Double Trouble (Otis Rush)  
Otis Rush   Don't Burn Down the Bridge (Albert King)  
Albert King   Honky Tonk Woman (The Rolling Stones)  
The Rolling Stones   Sister Morphine (Marianne Faithfull)  
Marianne Faithfull   Ghost Dance (Patti Smith)  
Patti Smith   Alive (Pearl Jam) 
Pearl Jam   Talk About the Passion (R.E.M.)  


good grief. I may or may not scrounge up the CDs and mp3s to create this...but I wanted to try the formulation again, using as few of the artists I used before as possible (I decided the ubiquitous Mr. Dylan would not be worked around). What shocked me was the Ben Folds Five cover by Bette Midler (on Bathhouse Betty)...that's bizarre. The shakiness referred to in the title comes from the fact that "Sister Morphine" was co-written by the Rolling Stones and Marianne Faithfull, but Ms. Faithfull recorded it first, on 1965's "Come My Way" - 6 years before the Stones supplied a version, on "Sticky Fingers". So I counted it. If that (or anything else) nullifies the mix, you have my apologies. And a keener sense of the word "technically" than i do.
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Date: 12/7/2001
This is pretty damn amazing
James Russell
Date: 12/8/2001
Eh, I don't think I'll complain about the Marianne Faithfull thing. Me, I'm just trying to conceive of the Everly Brothers doing a Dire Straits song...
Date: 12/8/2001
twisted, no?
Date: 12/8/2001
the Everly Borthers track is on "Born Yesterday".
Erin H.
Date: 12/8/2001
I know you can't tell, but I'm drooling on my keyboard.
Date: 12/10/2001
We're not worthy.
Date: 11/25/2002
your my new idol today. see now im inspired to try this.