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Sounds of Maguffins

Artist Song
Morphine  Kerouac  
Miles Davis  So What  
Lee Ranaldo & Dana Colley  Letter to J C Holmes 
Jimi Hendrix Experience  Rainy Day, Dream Away 
Kenny Burrell  Midnight Blue  
Fun Lovin' Criminals  I Can't Get With That (schmoove version) 
Angelo Badalamenti  Red Bats with Teeth  
Beastie Boys  Sabrosa  
Eels  Susan's House  
Medeski Martin & wood  Disrobe 
William Burroughs w/ Tomandandy  Old Western Movies 
Herbie Hancock  Maiden Voyage  
Ben Folds Five  Selfless, Cold & Composed 
Gershwin  Prelude In Bb Major 
Counting Crows  Raining in Baltimore  
Matt Dillon  Mexican Lonliness  
Tom waits  Train Song  


The CD of the cassette that was posted here about a year ago but somehow got lost. The story goes something like this: In one of those late night drink fuelled conversations, me and some friends were lamenting that there really are no decent coffee shops here in England, so of course we wanted to open our own. while we save up the cash we did work out the name of the place; "Maguffins", and what kind of music would be played, a mix of jazz, lo fi pop, beat poetry and melancholy piano tunes. So here's the soundtrack. I am tempted to compile a sequel but I'm weary of that rule that sequels are never as good as the originals so might not. JM London