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disco nite's Bike Ride to the Moon

Side A
Artist Song
ABC  be near me  
pavement  box elder  
dukes of stratosphere  my bike ride to the moon 
ron sexsmith  average joe  
ELO  sweet talkin' woman 
little girls  the earthquake song 
english beat  best friend 
3Ds  beauthiful things 
america  sister golden hair  
elvis presley  little sister  
The Wiz cast  ease on down the road 
weezer  tired of sex  
guided by voices  jane of the waking universe  
simon and garfunkel  punky's dilemma 
liquor giants  dearest darling  
wilco  outta mind (outta sight)  
Side B
pete townshend  let my love open the door  
left banke  walk away renee 
depeche mode  but not tonight  
push kings  $$$ 
buddy holly  everyday  
felt  apple boutique  
dBs  black and white 
abba  waterloo  
bunnygrunt  favorite food 
scruffy the cat  time never forgets 
the beatles  we can work it out  
missing persons  words  
apples in stereo  tidal wave 
solomon burke  got to get you off my mind  
game theory  24 
harpers bizarre  59th st. bridge song 


another result of a lazy afternoon, dusting off old records, and give no regards to coherence. looking to trade with others who like their pavement and abba side by side . . .


erin m. curtis
Date: 10/26/2000
i just ran across this looking to see who had used "punky's dilemma" in a mix . . . this is a mix in the purest sense of the word. very impressive. and you use a lot of great bands!