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People Like to Funk

Artist Song
Tyree  Acid Over (Tyree Mix) 
Norken  East 
Tenth and Parker  Millenium Riddlesong (latenight mix) 
Posterboys for the Apocolypse vs. Missie Elliot  Dick Slots 
Marhall Jefferson  Move Your Body (House Music National Anthem) 
Signifier  Steavy 
Supersempft  Wewa 
The Other People Place  Eye Contact 
Si Begg meets N. Landstrumm  Unknown Dialect 
Antonelli Electr.  Unintense 
A Guy Called Gerald  I Feel Rythm 
Minus 8  Badman and Throbin 
Photek/Robert Owens  Can't Come Down 


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Beats for freaks. People seem to like these boogie-heavy mixes, lots of happy times and retro vibes. I am a HUGE acid house fan (hey, I live in Chicago), so it always has to represent. People DO like to Funk.
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Sara & Mike of S&M Records
Date: 1/16/2002
zowie... you are so the expert on this subject... keep it up.