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Carry That Weight: Post Fab Documentary Part I

Side A
Artist Song
John, Paul, George, Ringo  Free As A Bird 
Paul  "The main pressure...to Boot Hill" 
Ringo w/George  Early 1970 
John w/Ringo  God 
George w/Ringo  Wah-Wah 
Ringo w/George  Back Off Boogaloo 
Paul  Dear Boy 
John, George  "Yoko...in Sweden" 
Paul  Too Many People 
John w/George  How Do You Sleep? 
George w/Ringo  While My Guitar Gently Weeps 
George  Sue Me Sue You Blues 
John  Come Together 
Ringo w/John  I'm The Greatest 
Side B
Ringo w/Paul  Six O'Clock 
Paul  Dear Friend 
John  "Will they ever...make music" 
George w/Ringo  Living In The Material World 
John w/Paul  Lucille 
Ringo w/John  Only You 
John  I Saw Her Standing There 
George  In My Life 
John  "Thank you, Mr. Dylan..." 
Paul  Lady Madonna 
Paul  The Long And Winding Road 
John  "...Harrison you know got all the answers." 
George   Not Guilty 
Ringo w/John  Cookin' (In The Kitchen of Love) 
John  "Do you need anybody..." 
Paul  Let It Be 


A two 90-minute set of ex-Beatles songs that are either collaborations
with other ex-Beatles, covers of Beatles songs, or about the Beatles or
ex-Beatles. The premise is that having been a part of the most
successful pop outfit of all time is an inescapable reality that
continued to occupy the former members through their entire musical
careers thereafter, right up to the sort-of reunion in 1994 and beyond.
They started off hurling musical stones at each other, then became the
best of friends again but still hated the Beatles, then, after John's
death, began to embrace their past again. And all of it is chronicled in
their music. When the songs are placed in a historical context, you can
actually hear their attitudes change. I spent a year and a half making
the tape flow like a documentary, with revealing interview excerpts and
sound bites thrown in. That's an awfully long time to work on one mix
but there were various mishaps and developments along the way that had
me starting a lot of it over. The title is also a Beatles song. Roger'd Records. Issued: August 1998.


Date: 8/18/2006
I think this is great. I have been looking for the fued songs and you have them on here. How can I get a copy?