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m + antonio mix vol. ii

Artist Song
romeo and juliet score  queen mab interlude 
romeo and juliet score  escape from mantua 
radiohead  climbing up the walls 
tori amos  '97 bonnie & clyde 
modest mouse  cowboy dan 
portishead  theme from to kill a dead man 
tricky  broken homes 
poe  house of leaves 
sigur ros  svefn g. englar 
godspeed you black emperor  static 


a sound track for vampires.

romeo and juliet score, "queen mab interlude" & "escape from mantua"
m dreams fitfully in cleveland while antonio leaves italy in a box.
radiohead, "climbing up the walls" mordicai's entrance
tori amos, "'97 bonnie and clyde" m to hester.
modest mouse, "cowboy dan" antonio and mordicai become "players"
portishead, "the theme from to kill a dead man" antonio in torpor
tricky, "broken homes" basement song.
poe, "house of leaves" basement song.
sigur ros, "svefn g englar" m and antonio betray elesium
godspeed you black emperor, "static"
m revealed, sabbat crusade, creation of the oubliette.