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Covers Suck

Side A
Artist Song
Madonna  American Pie 
Smashmouth   I'm A Believer 
A Bunch Of Nu-Metal Morons I Won't List  Bring The Noize 
A*Teens  Take A Chance On Me 
Phish  Sabotage 
Side B


I consider myself a big fan of covers... people often ask me to give them a tape of my favorites...
These are the WORST 5 covers I have ever found. Nothing less than sacrilige on 5 truly great songs. Okay, maybe 3 truly great songs and 2 guiltly pleasures, but overall, this tape illustrates that covers are not by definition a good thing.


Space Dog
Date: 12/16/2001
A very strong ditto from me...
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 12/17/2001
did you think the a*teens were going to do anything but suck?