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Side A
Artist Song
atari teenage riot  speed 
atari teenage riot  start the riot 
bjork  joga (alec empire digital hardcore mix) 
big audio dynamite  the globe 
alec empire  the drum and the bass 
atom and his package  me and my black metal friends 
chicks on speed  turn of the century 
dandy warhols  not if you were the last junkie on earth  
david bowie  china girl 
eek-a-mouse  sensee party 
elastica  stutter 
the frumpies  whatshisname hearts the frumpies 
gorillaz  clint eastwood (remix) 
george clinton and parliament funkadelic  p funk 
handsome boy modeling school  megaton b-boy 2000  
hopesfall  in reflection 
i am the world trade center  holland tunnel 
nuevo interprete  pista 
jamiroquai  just dance 
le tigre  hot topic 
modest mouse   trailer trash 
i am the world trade center  look around you 
Side B
modest mouse  dirty fingernails 
peechees  the restart 
the tragically hip  new orleans is sinking 
the slam pigs  the nick carter song 
the richmond sluts  sad city 
the most secret method  the real sex 
the hope conspiracy  it meant nothing 
the gossip  on the prowl 
the explosion  these times 
spazz  gummo love theme 
the smashing pumpkins  1979 (moby remix) 
smog  dress sexy at my funeral 
sonic youth  sugar kane 
primal scream  give up but don't give out (portishead remix) 
poison the well  grain of salt 
thursday  autobiography of a nation 
the pixies  velouria 
nation of ulysses  the sound of jazz to come 
mouse on mars  albion rose 
morphine  thursday 
junior varsity  package store 
dressy bessy  just like henry 



Date: 12/16/2001
fucking awesome. you've got a lot of my favorites on here. trade?
Date: 12/17/2001
teapin, a trade would be lovely. email me.