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zer:0 - sQuared

Side A
Artist Song
steve roach  early dawn 
david bowie  moss garden 
obmana/seofon  splendors 
ambient temple of imagination  water (goddessform) 
terminal sound system  [
not breathing  lessons in nothingness 
steve roach  impulse 
---zer:0, zilch, nothing, nada---  ---not, bupkus, zed, 0::0--- 
Side B
loscil  zer0 
michael whalen  light-sky-stars 
seofon  rev:20:13-teknos 
vidna obmana  encountering terrain 
cell  cyregen 
henry frayne  rings around saturn 
seofon/robert rich  science of success (album ver.) 
brian eno  juju space jazz 


zer:0-sQuared: the morphed, ambient, vision-ic twin of 'zer:0 - pOint'. More textured-recycling from the separate & constituent members of the Ambient Temple of Imagination.
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Date: 12/19/2001
looks really intriguing. don't know most of the performers on here, but i'd be curious to hear how bowie's track fits in this context...
Junior D1
Date: 12/19/2001
Nice mix, lots of stuff I dont know, which is always fantasic. Well done, spaceman.
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 12/19/2001
the bowie track is a bowie/eno collaboration with "zer:0" vocals; just static-y sound over slowly plucked guitar/sitar strings and running water...yummy