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i don't know.

Side A
Artist Song
sam phillips  i need love 
the rondelles  rediscover fire 
sleater-kinney  dig me out 
julie ruin  my morning is summer 
cold cold hearts  baby donut 
frumpies  innertube tomorrow 
le tigre  deceptacon 
go go's  vacation 
the gossip  dressed in black 
elastica  vaseline 
bikini kill  i like fucking 
excuse 17  watchmaker 
i am the world trade center  metro 
kleenex  dolly dollar 
revillos  rev-up 
basement jaxx  romeo 
bangs  burnout 
autoclave  go far 
junior varsity  pin monkey 
dressy bessy  if you should try to kiss her 
Side B
x-ray spex  oh bondage up yours 
the softies  an awful mess 
liliput  ain't you 
superchick  one girl revolution 
blondie  no exit 
rezillos  flying saucer attack 
blondie  i'm gonna getcha 
chicks on speed  glamour girl 
gentle waves  falling from grace 
sleater-kinney  you're no rock n' roll fun 
moldy peaches  who's got the crack 
julie doiron  best thing for me 
dressy bessy  california 
rezillos  top of the pops 
julie ruin  apt.#5 
kaytee bodle  this town's not for me 
the softies  me and the bees 
blondie  heart of glass 
bonfire madigan  snowfell summer 
the softies  the best days 




Geoffrey Holland
Date: 12/19/2001
Date: 7/12/2002
looks cool, i want to make a girl band comp myself. Wanna trade?
Date: 9/14/2002
but this IS rock'n'roll fun

nice work