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For Rik

Side A
Artist Song
Foo Fighters  Monkey Wrench 
Life of Agony   I Regret 
Red Hot Chili Peppers  Californication 
Skunk Anansie  Infidelity (Only You) 
Leftfield  Original 
V.A.S.T.  Nile's Edge 
Greenday  Sassafrass Roots 
Beth Orton  So Much More 
Moloko  Dominoid 
Side B
Primal Scream  Loaded 
Ministry  Nursing Home 
Orgy   Fiend 
Tool  Schism 
Portishead  It Could Be Sweet 
Kyuss  Thong Song 
Orbital  Illuminate 
Keith Caputo  Just Be 
Stevie Wonder  Superstition 


This is a story bout a guy that I knew, he didn't like my songs and that made me feel blue...