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Listen to me baby

Artist Song
Ravens  Gotta find my baby 
The Diplomats  Help me 
Carolyn Crawford  When someones good to you 
The Superbs  Baby baby all the time 
Prince La La  She put the hurt on me 
Radiants  Ain't no big thing 
Vibrations  Oh Cindy 
The Avons  Talk to me 
Reuben Bell & the belltones  Another day lost 
The Ringleaders  Baby what has happened to our love 
Dorothy Prince  I lost a love 
Bo Diddley  Oh baby 
San Francisco TKO'S  Make up your mind 
The Variations  Ooh baby don't leave me 
Bobby Marchan  What can I do 
Knight Bros.  Tried so hard to please her 
Tony Owens  I don't want nobody but my baby 
Don Covay  Somebody's been enjoying my home 
Betty Lavette  Your turn to cry 
Mitty Collier  Git out 
Clarence Carter  I can't see myself 
The Right Kind  Going back 


When Friends Say, " Play somethng I haven't heard before" this is what they get