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feelings ii, volume one: [mistake in the dark]

Artist Song
New End Original  Lukewarm 
Cursive  sink to the beat 
Jimmy Eat World  bleed american 
Song Of Zarathustra  Science, Science 
Le Tigre  Decptacon 
xbxrx  (tracks one and two of 'Gop Ist Minee') 
Fugazi  Furniture 
Owls  Everyone Is My Friend 
Bright Eyes  The Calendar Hung Itself 
The Rapture  Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks 
caP'n Jazz  In the Clear 
The Dismemberment Plan  The Ice Of Boston 
Modest Mouse  Dirty Fingernails 
Motion City Soundtrack  Capital h 
Small Brown Bike  Like A Future With No Friend 
.moneen.  The Passing Of America (edit - no outro) 
The Casket Lottery  Trust Nolan 
North Of America  Let's On 
Q & Not U  A Line In The Sand 
Painted Thin  John Wayne's Wettest Dream 
The Selby Tigers  Droid 


the first volume (revised) of 'feelings ii'. it's called 'mistake in the dark' all the 'feelings ii' discs are "rocking" songs. please rock out!