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Full of Dust and Guitars, Vol. 1

Side A
Artist Song
Giacomo Puccini  Tosca-E Lucevan le Stelle (1900) 
Richard Strauss  Salome-Ah! Ich Habe Deinen Mund Gekusst, Jokanaan (1905) 
Edison Phonograph  First Promotional Message (1906) 
Arthur Collins  Brother Noah Gave Out Checks for Rain (1907) 
Gustav Mahler  Das Lied Von Der Erde-Von Der Jugend (1908) 
Billy Murray  In My Merry Oldsmobile (1909) 
Claude Debussy  Le Vent Dans la Plaine (1910) 
Arnold Schoenberg  Pierrot Lunaire-Mondestrunken (1912) 
Anton Webern  5 Pieces for Orch., Op. 10-III Sehr Langsam und Auberst Ruhig (1913) 
Irving Berlin  I Love a Piano (1914) 
James G. Watson  U.S. Enters World War I (1917) 
Original Dixieland Jazz Band  Dixie Jazz Band One-Step (1917) 
Charles Ives   Sideshow (1922) 
Sam Moore  Laughing Rag (1921) 
Jelly Roll Morton  Doctor Jazz (1926) 
Rev. Billy Sunday  Prohibition (1926) 
Uncle Dave Macon and his Fruit Jar Drinkers  Jordan is a Hard Road to Travel (1927) 
Frankie Trumbauer and his Orch.  Lila (1928) 
Blind Lemon Jefferson  That Growling Baby Blues (1929) 
Amede Ardoin  Two Step de Eunice (1929) 
Side B
Henry Thomas  Fishing Blues (1927-29) 
Igor Stravinsky  Symphony of Psalms, Part I (1930) 
Miff Mole and His Molers  Navy Blues (1930) 
Franklin D. Roosevelt  Reassurance During Depression (1933) 
Art Tatum  The Shout (1934) 
Cripple Clarence Lofton  Strut That Thing (1935) 
Shelton Brothers   Just Because (1935) 
Blind Boy Fuller  Truckin' My Blues Away, #2 (1937) 
Noble Sissle and his Orch.  Dear Old Southland (1937) 
Bukka White  Fixin' to Die Blues (1940) 
Ted Daffan's Texans  Born to Lose (1942) 
Lester Young Quartet  Afternoon of a Basie-ite (1943) 
Benjamin Britten  Serenade-Dirge (1943) 
Public Service Announcement  Meat Rationing (1943) 
Duke Ellington  A Slip of the Lip (1943) 
Frankie Carle  A Little on the Lonely Side (1944) 
News Report  Hitler is Dead (1945) 
Dizzy Gillespie and His All Stars  Salt Peanuts (1945) 


I made this as part one of a two tape retrospective on the 1900s and popular music. I wanted to show the evolution and cross polination of various strands of music throughout the centruy. Jazz is born, the blues help create rock, classical music splits into many pieces, etc. To break it up and ground it in each decade, I interspersed soundbites about the wars, the use of recording equipment or trends of the eras. This took a lot of research and scouring libraries and my own collection to find enough music of each decade and to represent all the styles I wanted to. It really is incredible to see all the different kinds of music and the evolution of it all over a short span of 100 years.


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