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pretty rock try 1

Artist Song
stooges  dirt 
black heart procession  waterfront 
nick cave  stranger than kindness 
nick cave  slowly goes the night 
nick cave  mercy seat 
morphine  i had my chance 
nine inch nails  pilgrimage 
nine inch nails  the mark has been made 
ted nugent  stranglehold 
david bowie  all the madmen 
van morrison  streets of arklow 


This is not an accurate listing. I'm not at my house so i dont have access to the CD to check the order of tracks. I'm probably forgetting some of the songs, and definitely messing up the order cause i havent played it for a while. I am submitting this primarily so that i can become a member and add other peoples mixes to a list of favorites so that I can download songs later when i get an internet conenction at my new place. Sorry.


Date: 1/3/2002
Welcome to the board! Hope to see more of your mixes.