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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
Playlist | Theme - Alternating DJ
Playlist | Theme - Alternating DJ
Playlist | Mixed Genre

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Side A
Artist Song
Helmet  Beautiful Love 
Muffs  Lucky Guy 
Youth of Today  Positive Outlook 
Tilt  One day 
Millencolin  Chiquita Chaser 
Jefferson Airplane  Somebody to Love 
Scofflaws   William Shatner 
Union 13  A Life Story 
Greenday  Prosthestetic Head 
Mission Of Burma  The Ballad Of Johnny Burma 
Showcase Showdown  Ancient Chinese Secret 
Unseen  Social Security 
Jon Cougar Concentration Camp  My Favorite Place 
Dick Dale  Night Rider 
Screeching Weasel  Girl Next Door 
Vindictives  You should never have opened that door 
Bouncing Souls  Born to Lose 
Ween   What Deener Was Talking About 
Guided By Voices  As we go up 
Side B
Husker Du  In a Free Land 
Operation Ivy  Unity 
Elastica  Annie 
Cure  Close to you 
Bouncing Souls  Argyle 
Guided By Voices  Jane of the waking universe 
Rancid  Crane Fist 
Gorillia Biscuits  2 sides 
Jerry Lee Lewis  Breathless 
Business  Coventry 
Year One 
No Use For A Name  Laverne & Shirley Theme 
Motorhead  Iron Fist 
Rancid  You dont care nothin' 
Cash Registers  I dont want it 
Trama School Dropouts  England Belongs TO me 
Rancid  Olympia WA 


These are songs I was listening to from 1/26/99 to 2/20/99. With each song there is a certain memory attached so I guess its a narrative of my life.