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CD | Theme - Narrative

m + antonio vol iii

Artist Song
synthetic dream foundation  angelfire 
the a-bomb jazz  always broken forever 
the a-bomb jazz  collide & die 
curve  forgotten sanity 
dismantled  purity 
the escapeologist  drunk monk 
sister machine gun  snake 
sarah fimm  sexual animals 
atp  cracked 
steel pool bathtub  black eyed fixer 
everything but the girl  corcovado 
roosevelt  myxsamotosis 
therapy?  knives 
shojin  nemesis 
drill  what you are 
sting  lullabye to an anxious child 
parrado  message from a distant star 


a mix about vampires.

1. antonio's death at tunis & embrace
2., 3. m's early tortured exsistance
4. pure violence tempered by logic meets pure maddness tempered by nothing.
5. arrival at the black rose [hanging out]
6. nos watch us too closely
7. killin cousins
8. missing gabriella, "my only feelings beyond violence"
9. murder in large town C [frenzy]
10. so much for the pharmicist.
11. secret players [geo influence]
12. goodbye autumn
13. something fuzzy at my door?!
14. tremere thugs [the take down part 1.]
15. manipulation ripped to shreds inside out.
16. house cleaning.
17. our future.