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CD | Theme - Narrative

m + antonio vol. i

Artist Song
the a-bomb jazz  faraway [bloody murder] 
babyland  double coupon 
roosevelt  caligula 
butthole surfers  the o-men 
radiohead  exit music [for a film] 
gretchen lieberum  angel eyes 
my bloody valentine  never should 
hooverphonic  vinegar and salt 
compulsion  yancy dangerfields delusions 
orhun mihci  dip 
cedusa  message on the wall 


a mix about vampires.

1. an opener, antonio & m hit the scene.
2. chasing caliban...that fuck.
3. a song for m.
4. 3:38 of murder, killing is fun.
5. a song for antonio.
6. you got a rabi in the basement? [got rabi?]
7. antonio can't keep a ghoul.
8. its better to lie, otherwise this song has no relevence.
9. exile from the camarilla armpit into their crotch.
10. the sabbat seduction, back in the saddle.
11. listen to the sounds, see the signs, kill the gods.