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CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
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-NOW- Thats what I call ~Gothic~ music

Artist Song
Switchblade Symphony  dollhouse 
Lestat  fallen angel *remix* 
Cruxshadows  its a sin *P.S.B. cover* 
London after midnight  spider and the fly  
Sisterhood  giving ground 
24 hours  the sea is my soul 
The shroud  Madaline 
October Hill  dogaunch 
This ascension  august rain 
Belle morte  the rain within her hands 
sisters of mercy  something fast 
Xymox  obsession 
The cult  brother wolf ,sister moon 


This is my version of what the Now series should be ;) *laughs* Dont expect any of these bands to make it onto a NOW cd so,i made my own - the cover twists the NOW logo and adds in a gothic touch as well.


Date: 1/21/2002
ahhhhhhh, more flashbacks! this ascension! the shroud! .. where's faith and the muse? ;)
Date: 5/23/2002
lol, throw my new vampire
mix in the NOW gothic series :D