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Charles and Misty

Artist Song
Al Green  Lets Stay Together (were in love) 
Rufus Wainright   Instant Pleasure (i love you but...) 
REM  It's the end of the World (why did I fuck things up) 
Frank Sinatra  My Way (we can get along) 
Beck   Loser (what you say about me is true) 
Louis Armstrong  Wonderful Life (I love you) 
Red Hot Chili Peppers  Under the Bridge (moving on) 
Stevie Wonder  Superstition (musical interlude) 
Dave Mathews  Satelite (let me tell you how I love you) 
The Newbeats   Bread and Butter (you do so much for me but...) 
Beach Boys  Wouldn't It be nice (can we work it out?) 
Tragically Hip  Ahead by a Century (lets try) 
Weezer  Say it aint so (I don't think so) 
Moby  Porcelain (I don't feel right without you) 
Bob Marley  Turn your lights down low (one last fling?) 
Niel Young  Heart of gold (I miss you) 
Dave Mathews  Space Between Us (I'm leaving) 
Frank Sinatra  New York, New York (I'm gone) 


Originally I made this cd to listen to in my Studio Classes for Art School. It's designed to be listener friendly so no one gets mad about music. But I was listneing to it the other night as I walked to my friends house and it totally revealed itself as some sort of romamce between two people. So I descided to throw it up on here, yeah, hope you can see how it works.


Date: 1/7/2002
hey hey...good stuff. ;)
Scott K
Date: 1/8/2002
I think the theme is a bit of a stretch (My Way=We can get along? Only if you subjugate your will to mine!) but I like the way the mix flows. Superstition can work as more than just an interlude - for those times when everything is a sign whether to stay together or break I'm in the Lotus Position! Ommmmm!
Weak things have power
Date: 1/8/2002
Yeah, I agree it's kinda sketchy. It was more of just my imagination playing with what I was listening too. I realy like the cd though. But I wouldn't have posted it if not for the somewhat apparant theme.