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self loathing & self pity & all the other angsty cliched things.

Artist Song
the smiths  asleep 
aimee mann  wise up 
billie holiday   gloomy sunday 
jeff buckley  i want someone badly 
elliott smith  between the bars 
belle and sebastian  the boy done wrong again 
the dandy warhols  sleep 
jj72  not like you 
bright eyes  the center of the world 
yo la tengo   tears are in your eyes 
pedro the lion  bad diary days 
my morning jacket  i will be there when you die 
bright eyes   if winter ends 
Emiliana Torrini  to be free 
radiohead  creep 
fiona apple  paperbag 
placebo   my sweet prince 
nine inch nails  hurt 


such is life i guess. dont mind my angstyness, i have a lot of it. anyway, i like this mix and i think its very varied yet still on the same wavelength. its 2:17 am,im probably making no sense.



Date: 1/10/2002
Between the Bars is the only songs that still makes me cry each and every time I listen to it (which is often)...

You into Modest Mouse?
lindsay lovesicklucy
Date: 1/10/2002
i <33 modest mouse. =x
Date: 1/10/2002
very sweet. good nite.