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Alterior Motives: Songs For and Inspired By the Movie (CD1)

Artist Song
Sebadoh  Pink Moon 
The Flaming Lips  Hit Me Like You Did the First Time 
The Clash  Train in Vain 
Bob Dylan  Meet Me in the Morning 
Five Iron Frenzy  Most Likely to Succeed 
Fugazi  Public Witness Program 
The Beatles  Helter Skelter 
Pete Yorn  Strange Condition 
the The  Sodium Light Baby 
Sonic Youth  Candle 
Led Zeppelin  Communication Breakdown 
Elliott Smith  Happiness (single version) 
Radiohead  The National Anthem 
The Doors  My Eyes Have Seen You 
Pearl Jam  Not For You 
Beastie Boys  So What'cha Want 
CAKE  Comfort Eagle 
The Strokes  The Modern Age 
Jars of Clay  Blind (The Fluffy-Sav Smoothed Out Remix) 
Nick Drake  Time Has Told Me 


So I kept busy this winter break. I filmed a movie with my friends. See, three girls I know wrote a script called "Alterior Motives" (sic, baby). They had plans to film it, recruited a bunch of their friends to play parts and work camcorders, but it never panned out (probably for lack of a 'U' in the title.). Three years later, as my friends and I were watching Sonny Chiba smash up x-rays in "The Streetfighter", we got the idea to film the movie, keeping the dialogue and terrible, terrible script (didja know that you can break out of jail and pay your own bail? didja?), but adding our own...special touches. I'm back in school now, but we have just two scenes left to film, and we hope to have a complete "film", editing and sound and credits and all, in a couple months. Digital photography rocks. Anyway, I thought I'd make a soundtrack for it. The songs either deal with the same themes as the awful, awful script, or evoke a cinematic mood (for me, anyway...). Plus, all of these came off of CDs I own. Holy cow.
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