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Enuff Z'nuff Mix '99

Side A
Artist Song
from _Paraphernalia_  Invisible 
from _Strength_  Mother's Eyes 
from _Seven_  Still Have Tonight 
from _Animals With Human Intelligence_  These Daze 
from _Strength_  Goodbye 
from _Paraphernalia_  All Alone 
from _Paraphernalia_  Everything Works If You Let It 
from _Peach Fuzz_  Message Of Love 
from _Tweaked_  Without Your Love 
from _Seven_  I Won't Let You Go 
from _Enuff Z'nuff_(Debut)  Kiss The Clown  
Side B
from _Paraphernalia_  Ain't It Funny 
from _Seven_  So Sad To See You 
from _Strength_  Long Way To Go  
from _Animals With Human Intelligence_  Rock N World 
from _Paraphernalia_  Believe In Love 
from _Tweaked_  We're All Alright 
from _Seven_  It's No Good 
from _Peach Fuzz_  Who's Got You Now 
from _Peach Fuzz_  Rainy Day 
from _Seven_  Jealous Guy 
from _Paraphernalia_  Loser Of The World  


For those of you who remember Enuff Z'nuff from 1989's "Fly High Michelle", you've missed a lot in the past decade. This band has grown and matured in a way that few bands do. They have been revered by Music Magazine editors and radio personalities everywhere (Howard Stern said "They deserve rock superstar status"). This tape is more for the fan that already knows their music. This mix features some terrific cuts from the just released (May 99) album _Paraphernalia_ (including the remake of Cheap Trick's "Everything Works If You Let It" with Billy Corgan on guitar). The second side is my favorite;
it starts off as absolutely the best driving tape I own, and then turns more sedate without the listener even realizing it.