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Artist Song
Severed Heads  Mount (1983) 
""  Propellor (1986) 
""  First Steps (1989) 
""  Mambo Fist Miasma (1984) 
""  Goodbye Tonsils (1983) 
""  Ottoman (1991) 
""  A Million Angels (1982) 
""  Halo (1985)  
""  Big Car (1989)  
""  Come Visit the Big Bigot (1984)  
""  Power Circles (1983)  
""  Bullet (1983)  
""  Strange Brew (1984)  
""  We Have Come to Bless This House (1982)  
""  Guests (1983)  
""  Chasing Skirt (1989) 


(1981- 1991) Severed Heads were (are) an Australian band which were released on several labels, mainly Volition (Aus) and Nettwerk (USA). They were usually categorized as "industrial", though they had little in common with their darker and harder contemporaries, such as Ministry and Skinny Puppy (they did do a tour with SP, though). As much pure pop as freaky noise, Severed Heads really did their own thing, compining experimental sound and tape manipulation, poppy jangles, vocals, samples and video performance to make their big, weird pacakge. I think of them as a sort of Boards of Canada of the 80's, influential and unique (though BoC are probably more widely known and liked). This comp shows the quieter, freakier side of the band, reflecting my personal favorites. Enjoy.


Junior D 1
Date: 1/15/2002
Ps. If you are interested in knowing what they are up to now, check out Sevcom.com.
Date: 1/15/2002
Nice retrospective. My favorite has always been "Casey's Ion" for obvious reasons. I agree with your description of them. They had much more of an ear for melody than Skinny Puppy and Ministry. I also really liked Single Gun Theory (also on Nettwerk), which had a similar sound, but with female voices.
Junior D1
Date: 1/16/2002
Casey's Ion is a great song as well, there are so many, really. I tried to stay away from poppy, vocally tracks (though there are a few), cuz i didnt want to put people off. I could have gone longer, but I just didnt want to offer TOO much. thanks for the comments.
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 1/17/2002
Though I have never heard of this band, I trust that this is a most EXCELLENT compilation of their musical efforts to date. Could it be that, their heads being severed/detached.that they simply could not perform any longer due to copious amounts of blood lost?? Regardless, it appears that, upon first blush, this is indeed a fine mix. Let me take simply a brief moment to say that I am PROUD to be associated with fine mixers and lovers of obscure music such as one Junior D; may your burner live long !!! ~ :- p