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Side A
Artist Song
afghan whigs  creep (tlc) 
bis  germ free adolescents (x-ray spex) 
the cat's miaow  born on a train (magnetic fields) 
evan dando  live forever (oasis) 
everything but the girl  alison (elvis costello) 
fountains of wayne  baby one more time (britney spears) 
green day  tired of waiting for you (the kinks) 
husker du  sheena is a punk rocker (the ramones) 
ida  i want to see the bright lights tonight (richard thompson) 
letters to cleo  cruel to be kind (nick lowe) 
milla  satellite of love (lou reed) 
mike ness  don't think twice (bob dylan) 
will oldham  a dream of the sea (the renderers) 
pavement  the killing moon (echo and the bunnymen) 
the queers  the kids are alright (the who) 
the raincoats  lola (the kinks) 
the sundays  wild horses (rolling stones) 
tindersticks  we have all the time in the world (i don't know, it's a james bond theme) 
the ukrainians  ubivstvo (meat is murder) (the smiths) 
weezer  velouria (the pixies) 
Side B


i'm trying to get all my mp3s off my computer and onto cds in an orderly fashion, and covers in alphabetical order seemed as good a way as any to start.


Date: 1/16/2002
very cool selections.
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 1/18/2002
then why is it a cassette mix?
Ryan Maisel
Date: 3/12/2002
Geoffrey Holland's so cool.