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lyrical homicide

Side A
Artist Song
The Salteens  Kelly Nichol 
Kissing Book  should have seen us yesterday 
cinerama  your charms 
tullycraft  mental obsession 
holiday flyer  jokes on me 
kleenex girl wonder  the nearest future 
call and response  I know you want me 
dressy bessy  lookaround 
sean na na  washington 
the selby tigers  sidewalk 
true love always  secret static 
air miami  I hate milk 
rocketship  I love you like the way I used to do 
moods for moderns  slacker ways 
Side B
SLeater-Kinney  Little Mouth 
soophie nun squad  no moms allowed 
the strokes  new york city cops 
the white stripes  hotel yorba 
crayon  snap tight wars 
q and not u  hooray for humans 
the orange peels  girl for all seasons 
modest mouse  summer 
super xx man  dreamn' man 
halo-benders  canned oxygen 
bunnygrunt  holiday road 
selby tigers  droid 
soda stream   neon 
built to spill  reasons 
les savy fav  wake up 


I was tired of sad songs. I wanted a sing-a-long tape that would make me want to move my head and clap my hands and smile. It worked, I think this is the only tape I have ever made myself that I actually like and didn't tape over within a week.


Date: 1/18/2002
Really nice mix. And even better Sodastream pick.
Juan 1
Date: 1/18/2002
Date: 2/14/2002
pretty awesome, really. i like.
jer fairall
Date: 3/10/2002
Salteens...Tullycraft...KGW...Bunnygrunt's cover of the VACATION!