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Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock

wise & wanting- summer 2001

Side A
Artist Song
jimmy eat world  a praise chorus 
cat power  the sleepwalker 
pavement  major leagues 
billy bragg  brickbat 
bikini kill  carnival 
weezer  el scorcho 
fiona apple  paper bag 
r.e.m.  shaking through 
the promise ring  anne, you will sing 
the velvet underground  i found a reason 
stephen malkmus  jo jo's jacket 
philia  oh fuck, we just hit a tree 
seven year bitch  the scratch 
badly drawn boy  this song 
Side B
pavement  no life singed her 
p.j. harvey  a place called home 
weezer  you gave your love to me softly 
death cab for cutie  no joy in mudville 
u2  stuck in a moment that you can't get out of 
modest mouse  might 
paris, texas  le tigre 
10,000 maniacs  cotton alley 
badly drawn boy  camping next to water 
weezer  don't let go 
pavement  decouvert de soleil  
jump, little children  habit 
rainer maria  breakfast of champions 
stephen malkmus  vague space 


the just-graduated-from-college angsty/excited mix...
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