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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

the only music that's a pulse is music that's a threat

Side A
Artist Song
chokehold  regression 
bread and water  keep walking 
submission hold  quality of growth 
rhythm activists  ronald fuckin' mcdonalds 
cripple bastards  dawn of ecology 
whorehouse of representatives  sand in the gears 
media children  forever scarred 
underdog  a lot to learn 
never only once  decision 
alcatraz  la destruction 
the bellrays   zero pm 
bombs of death  germination 
hallraker  machinery 
red monkey  trespass 
born against  this trash should've been free 
team dresch  to the enemies of political rock 
mach tiver  you call this democracy? 
Side B
crass  i ain't think, it's just a trick 
the english beat  get a job 
b-52's   channel z 
the geezers  gentrifyin' gal 
fishbone  riot 
mankind?  find your future 
agnostic front  blind justice 
pretentious assholes  apocalyptic death 
naked aggression  revolt 
4 walls falling  price of silence 
septic tumor  born blind 
conflict  the guilt and the glory 
thulsa doom  white lies 
warzone  the real enemy 
hog  mundo feliz 
dirt  manhunter 
doa   do or die 
chokehold  content with dying/ not a solution 


I made this for a girl who sent me a mix of punk stuff. I wanted to introduce her to some stuff she probably hasn't heard of. and yeah ok this isn't 100 % punk, but it's pretty close :). i don't know what i did when i recorded this but it sounds kinda crappy...oh well...it makes everything sound very lo-fi...


Date: 1/21/2002
i'd also like to add that i stole the title from the chokehold record "content with dying".