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Immortal 2: Jackin' Vinyl

Artist Song
Cool House  Rock this Party (1988) 
Mix  Pump Up Acid (1988) 
Royal House  Party People (1988) 
Lil Louis  Blackout Phase 2 (1990) 
Fast Eddie  Acid Thunder (1988) 
Jack Robinson  Move Ya (1988) 
Cool McCool   World Turns Around (1988) 
Spanky  Acid Bass (1989) 
MD3  Face the Nation (1988) 
Tyree  Acid Crash Rx (1994) 
Armando  151 (1988) 
Robot and the DJ's   Remote Control (1988) 
DHS  House of God (1990) 
Jam & Spoon  Stella (1992) 
Mark Imperial & Co.   Loveapella (1988)  


Listener Status 28 Acid House
This is a mix I have wanted to make for a very long time, just never had the means to do so (aka turntable and cd burner in the same place). This is part 2 to the "Immortal" series, which documents early acid house, mostly from Chicago (though some of these are from Europe). I have tons of old acid house on vinyl, cus when I was growing up in Chicago it used to be on the radio all the time (WBMX, WGCI, yo's) and I was into it. I would go to the local mall and buy it on vinyl, and since I was on the southside of the city, there was tons of it (s.side of Chicago is mostly african-american, and this is where house really started and blew up in the 80's). Anyway, this is acid. Much respect to Chicago Trax, Acid Trax, House Nation, House Music International and all other jackin'house music labels from the 80's. More of an influence on what you are listening to today than you will ever know... and if, um, "electronic-A" is your thing, these are your boogie roots. 808+303= :)
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Date: 1/22/2002
ok, this is good. while my knowledge of this era of acid is slim to none [and i think i just saw slim slinking away from the bar] from what i do know, color me impressed.