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i should be going

Side A
Artist Song
boston  freeplay/long time 
bad company  bad company  
kansas  carry on my wayward son 
journey  wheel in the sky  
stevie ray vaughn  crossfire 
van halen  running with the devil 
guns'n'roses  locomotive 
Side B
aerosmith  dream on (original) 
rush  limelight  
boston  peace of mind  
van halen  you really got me  
ac/dc  you want blood (you got it) 
creedence clearwater revival  run through the jungle  
ozzy osbourne  see you on the other side  


classic rock is simply mandatory with road mixes. every song here involves movement in some form, and most are positively classic songs about being on the road. songs to make you want to own a motorcycle (if you don't