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I Promise Not To Notice If You Promise To Pretend (Indie Mix 6)

Artist Song
A Boy Named Thor  Annapolis 
All Girl Summer Fun Band  Look Of Love 
Kissing Book  Superman vs. Lloyd 
The Aislers Set  Long Division 
Paul And Lara  Tractor Beam D'amour 
Cat Power  Cross Bones Style 
The Fairways  Winter Song 
Tiara  The Same Things 
Dear Nora  Since You Went Away 
The Ocean Blue  Garden Song 
Leslies  A Daydream 
Idlewild  Actually It's Darkness 
Pernice Brothers  Working Girls (Sunlight Shines) 
Three Berry Icecream  K-L-M Line 
Black Tambourine  Throw Aggi Off The Bridge 
The Poconos  Booksmart 
Moth Wranglers  Turnabout 
Mark Kozelek  Find Me, Ruben Olivares 
Stephen Malkmus  Jenny And The Ess-Dog 
The Minders  Yeah Yeah Yeah 
Sterling Silver  Drone Cold 
Pinback  Loro 
The Mountain Goats  Stars Fell On Alabama 
The Wee Turtles  Why The Bombers? 
Kingpin  Lost Without You 


My favorite one so far.
Title courtesy of Ides Of Space.


Date: 1/26/2002
an amazing seris of mixes. great job!
Date: 1/27/2002
Really nice. Where is the band Kingpin from on here? There's also a band called Kingpin in Perth.
Markus Schoen
Date: 1/28/2002
I have absolutely no idea where they are from. Honestly that song is the only one I know of them, but it's so achingly beautiful that I had to include it on here. I found the song on a bbc-website (sessions in scotland, or something like that). For all I know they could well be Australian, but all my inquieries to learn more remained futile.
Cheers, Markus
Date: 1/14/2003
an ides of space reference (title). excellent