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CD | Theme - Depression
CD | Theme - Depression
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

Now That I've Met You

Artist Song
Built To Spill  Strange 
The Clash  Train In Vain 
Bic Runga  Sway 
Michael Jackson  You Rock My World 
Jimmy Eat World  Lucky Denver Mint 
Usher  You Remind Me 
Muse  Sunburn 
O-Town  Love Should Be A Crime 
Phantom Planet  So I Fall Again 
Yaz  Only You (1999 Mix) 
Spring Heeled Jack  Jolene 
Aimee Mann  Wise Up 
Shawshank Redemption Soundtrack  Theme 
Cheap Trick  Dream Police 
Elton John  Tiny Dancer 
Chemical Crothers  Galaxy Bounce 
Queen  Under Pressure 
Weezer  Only In Dreams 


Fun stuff. Pretty MIXED...everything from Built To Spill to O-Town to Aimee Mann to Muse. At first I didn't think it flowed but upon repeated listens it has a nice feel to it. Title taken from an Aimee Mann song...


Date: 1/26/2002
i really like this mix! its cool to see a nice tape of songs that form a mood. insted of the far to frequent flash of music snobbery I tend to see on this site. very cool. :)
Date: 1/26/2002
Thanks! :-)
big mama c
Date: 1/27/2002
these are my favorite kind of mixes to make. take random songs and make them work together. kudos!