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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ

Maybe you where right,, So I'm goin' for a ride

Artist Song
Pharcyde  Runnin' 
Soul Coughing  Circles 
Bob Marley  African Herbsman 
Black Crowes  Non-fiction 
Bob Dylan  I want you 
Del the funky homo-sapien  Wrongplace 
Bootsy Collins  Shine-O-Myte 
They Might Be Giants  Snail shell 
Fishbone  Lemon Meringue 
Redman  Green Island 
Bob Marley  Soul Shakedown 
Sublime (ft Pharcyde)  Summertime 
Morphine  Thursday 
Worldparty  When you come back to me 
Tori Amos  Lovesong (live cure cover) 
Eskobar  She's not here 
Jerry Garcia  Deal 
Beck   Debra 
Jeff Buckely  Satisfied Mind 


I made this one a while ago, for two reasons.
I needed something to listen to when I was smoking out. Considering that a lot of my friends listen to lots of hip-hop, I mixed it with as much of just good smoking music. Also my guitar player and I had just broke up with our girlfriends, so I wanted a CD that had a little downtime to it, but nothing to depressing. If anyone would like to trade let me know. I've got lots of mp3s, and cd's extracted.