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When The 80's Attack, Vol 5 : More random 80's songs

Artist Song
Frankie Goes To Hollywood  Relax 
The Cure  Love Song 
Duran Duran  Rio 
Gloria Estefan  1, 2, 3, 4 
Ozzy Osbourne  Crazy Train 
Tears For Fears  Everybody Wants To Rule The World 
Janet Jackson  When I Think Of You 
Billy Joel  We Didn't Start The Fire 
Joy Division  Love Will Tear Us Apart 
New Kids On The Block  The Right Stuff 
Paula Abdul  Opposites Attract 
REM  I Am Superman 
Talking Heads  Same As It Ever Was 


This is the last 80's mix, i swear :)


big mama c
Date: 1/30/2002
you can't ever have too much 80s, in my opinion at least.