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it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that crackle: mix for Junior D part 1

Artist Song
kruton  pissy brick 
manitoba  evan likes driving 
dropshadow disease  fototienda (plaid remix) 
alder & elius  selected memories from the astonishing hereafter 
jega  card hore 
gabrielle's wish  manchester suite 
cylob  sex machine 
nobukazu takemura  hiking 
bogdan raczynski  yet you're here 
cold fusion mafia 
eu  srel 
boards of canada  geogaddi promo track 
boards of canada  geogaddi promo locked groove 


part 1 of a mix swap with Junior D. this collects together tracks i've got on vinyl, so there's the odd pop and crackle. which just adds to the listening fun.


Junior D 1
Date: 1/29/2002
Hell yeah, I am excited to check this out. well done, and thanks. I patiently await the beats.