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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Theme - Depression
CD | Mixed Genre


Side A
Artist Song
Mitchell Froom and Miho Hatori  Wave 
Fan Modine  Rhubarb Pie 
Future Bible Heroes  Lonely Days 
Yasuaki Shimizu  Tachikawa 
Talking Heads  Sax & Violins 
XTC  Another Satellite 
Peter Scherer  Planetful of Mirrors 
Stina Nordenstam  Reason to Believe 
Rickie Lee Jones  Ghostyhead 
Yo La Tengo  The Lie & How We Told It 
Low  Violence 
Side B
Raincoats  Shouting Out Loud 
Nico  Frozen Warnings 
Jeremy Peyton Jones  Wardance II 
Holger Czukay and Rolf Dammers  Canaxis: Boat-Woman-Song 
Peter Principle  Sphinx 
Stina Nordenstam  Little Star (Be Zet Wireless Edit) 
Arto Lindsay  Mundo Civilizado (DJ Spooky Inversion Mix) 


I assume that "depression" means "depression" (the state) and not "No Depression" (the genre), but this mix is actually more ideal for late-night suburb-crawling and driving explorations.