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Disc 2 of 4 for local musci venue

Artist Song
Morphine  Thursday 
Pharcyde  Runnin' 
Deftones  No ordinary love (Sade cover) 
Redman  Green Island 
Thursday  Understanding in a car crash 
Fab 5   Le flaur Le Flah eshkoshka 
Me first and the gimmie gimmies  What I did for love (showtune guys and dolls I think) 
Ice Cube/ Das Efx  Check yo' self 
Sublime/ Pharcyde  Summertime 
Das EFX  They want efx 
Bob Marley  Kinky Reagge 
Burt Bacharach and The Posies  What the world needs now 
Public Enemy  Fuck the police 
Sly and The Family Stone   Family Affair 
The Smiths  Panic 
Del the funky homosapien  Mr Dabalina 
Beck  Debra 
No Doubt  One Step Closer (linkin' park cover) 


Imagine youre at a bar it's a saturday night. Youre getting really drunk and your favorite local band hasn't played yet because it's only 10:30. And this cd set is what you are subjected to listening to.
I Love watching the looks on peoples faces!


Date: 1/29/2002
i definitely wouldn't mind listening to this at the bar...;)